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•   Jaime Lucero (1992)  12/16
•   Michael Leuthy (1975)  12/11
•   Barbara Wiesner (Norris) (1968)  12/10
•   Diana * Arensdorf (Fredelake) (1963)  12/10
•   Stephen Vierthaler (1973)  12/7
•   Kevin Brown (1987)  12/1
•   Paul Sanford (1992)  12/1
•   Alford Williams (1985)  12/1
•   Robert Kozlowski (1973)  11/30
•   Gregory * Burkhart (1966)  11/30
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To register click on "Classmate Profiles" on the Left menu bar. Then click your year, and then your name. Your name may be listed as your maiden name or married name.


High School Classmates Only

When you register you will see an ( * ) asterisk followed by 2 spaces before your last name. Please leave (or replace if accidently deleted) these characters when you join the site. The reason: The asterisk puts your name in the high school listing for your year. If you remove it (no harm done) but your name will drop down into the college list of names. If you have problems email me.

1953-69, high school names are listed above college names.


SMP Merchandise Store
is now open for business.

Click on the SMP Merchandise tab in the left menu bar.

Profit to help fund the 2012 Centennial reunion.

Don Dee C'68 Passed away on Nov. 26. Because Don was selected for the 1968 olympic basketball team, he did not officially graduate from St. Marys. The picture above taken at Don's funeral shows Don's children and several teammates who played ball with Don in the late 60's. His children were presented with an honorary degree from St. Mary's for Don's accomplishments. Pictured from left to right, Jack Hanifan C'69, Lisa Dee, Michael Dee, Stephen Dee, Al Waller C'70, Donnie Dee, Joe Molen C'67, and Dan Watkins C'69.



In case you've run out of ideas for Christmas, consider purchasing one of these limestone logo rocks.  This one cost $65 and is made here in Dodge City. Allow 2-3 weeks. You can use any logo you would like or any wording.  Your choice.  This one weighs a ton but thinner ones are available. This is about 20"Wx12"Tx10" thick.

They are made to order at  Phone: 620-227-7628 or contact me at for more information.





December  Webpage Updates 

The 2015 "All School" reunion will be held on June 26-27-28.
More information will follow as soon as we make a definite agenda.


Don Dee, C'68, St. Mary's only olympian, passed away on Wednesday November 26.  Read the alumni forums, under sports talk 2014, for a story about his olympic appearence from the Kansas City Star. 

Mass email #45 was sent November 18 delivering President Glass's Thanksgiving Message. If you did not receive the email you can view her message by clicking on the "Presidents Page" in the navigation bar of the left.

Mass email #44 was sent November 13th concerning St. Mary of the Plains Scholarship application deadlines.

For your 2014 dues/donations "Pay Pal" is now a payment option on the website. The "Donate" button is located in the top right corner, under the log-in box.  Give it a try!



This license plate frame is now available for $5. Please email me if you would like one.




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Click on "Reunion Slide Shows" in left menu bar to see pictures of the July 4th-- All School Reunion



  We Need Your Donations

The Alumni Association depends entirely upon your donations. Please consider a $20 annual membership remittance to help support this site. This site will be our main means of correspondence with all SMOP alumni from July 2009. We have committed to a 10 year contract to maintain this site. Your donation will help to assure we will continue to bring you all the current information regarding St. Mary's and 6,000 of your alumni brothers and sisters. Our address is St, Mary of the Plains Alumni Office, P.O. Box 416, Dodge City,  Kansas.  67801  Thank You!



This site is and will be under construction probably forever!

Alumni who need a copy of their transcripts can request a copy at the link below. All St. Mary's transcripts are housed at Ft. Hays State University.

For our alumni who had friends or relatives killed in the Vietnam war, you can view that persons profile and other information by clicking on the following link. Just click on their home state and then the city for their home of record. For instance: Alumnus Jim Nufer HS'65, my classmate, was killed. Click on Kansas then Dodge City then his name.


A printable Invitation Letter to join our site is now available to all alumni who have need of a "hard copy" to mail to classmates. Please make a copy and include it in your Christmas cards. It's in PDF format, allow time to load.
          For a copy of the alumni letter 
Click here


Newly Elected Association Officers

At the annual meeting of the alumni association, July 4 2009, the following alumni were elected to three year terms. President: Dr. Beverly Schmitz Glass C'76, Vice President: Mr. Cody Keith C'92, and Secretary: Ms. Joyce Batman Sullentrop C'62. They are to be congratulated!       For more information on our new officers, please click on the "Directors Farewell" tab in the left menu bar.



Help Spread The Word: For those of you who are still in touch with former classmates/alumni, your parents, brothers and sisters, relatives or friends of St. Mary's, please send them an email and let them know about this site. boast 350 SMOP alumni have joined their site. If you belong please tell them about our site.

Any alumni of St. Mary's that went to or attended Windthorst Kansas High School are invited to check out the New Windthorst website at:


This site was started on March 14, 2009 and opened for business on April 1.  As of October 1, 2010, 729 alumni have joined up. Any ideas or suggestions you may have please feel free to email me at the "Contact Us" tab. There is still much left to do.  Please be patient