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•   Edward McCall (McCall) (1982)  7/8
•   Marian Hubbell (Riekenberg) (1985)  7/1
•   Richard Free Jr (1969)  6/18
•   Marylou Snyder (Winter) (1978)  6/12
•   Anjanette Linden (Gideon) (1990)  6/6
•   Rodney Bailey (1972)  6/2
•   Tom Lindley (1981)  5/23
•   Loraine Brewer (Lindley) (1981)  5/23
•   Sherry Irsik (1976)  5/17
•   Thomas Heinz (1974)  5/15
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1953-69, high school names are listed above college names.


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July  Update



A big Thank You to everyone
who attended our
Homecoming this past June 7-8.
A great time was had by all.



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In need of a transcript? Transcripts are now housed at Kansas Wesleyan University in Salina Kansas. To get a printable PDF form "Click Here" 
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For our alumni who had friends or relatives killed in the Vietnam war, you can view that persons profile and other information by clicking on the following link. Just click on their home state and then the city for their home of record. For instance: Alumnus Jim Nufer HS'65, my classmate, was killed. Click on Kansas then Dodge City then his name.


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At the annual meeting of the alumni association, July 4 2009, the following alumni were elected to three year terms. Alumni Director Emeritus Janet Kliesen, Alumni  President: Dr. Beverly Schmitz Glass C'76, and Treasurer/Webmaster Larry Noller. Nominations for new officers to be elected at the Alumni Business Luncheon scheduled for Saturday, June 2, are now being accepted! If interested in submitting your name to appear on the ballot, contact President Glass at  by Friday, May 18, 2018!



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Any alumni of St. Mary's that went to or attended Windthorst Kansas High School are invited to check out the New Windthorst website at:



This site was started on March 14, 2009 and opened for business on April 1.  As of April 1, 2018, nearly 1,500 alumni, instructors and staff have joined up. Any ideas or suggestions you may have please feel free to email me at the "Contact Us" tab. There is still much left to do.  Please be patient!