Gregory Hanson

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Gregory Hanson
Class Year: 1991
Residing In: Wichita, KS USA
Spouse/Partner: Merresa Akers
Occupation: Store Manager B&B Lumber - Newton
Children: Clinton Gregory, born Aug. 23, 1992
Yes! Attending Reunion

I'm pretty sure that anyone who follows me on Facebook will be able to trace my last 27 years.

School Story:

How in the heck did I get out to SMPC? Well, I was drinking my way out of Wichita State and Chris Chrisman and I were playing summer basketball together. We both played at Bishop Carroll so we knew each other for the 6 years previous. Chris said that his coach was coming to watch him so I somehow ended up talking to him and ended up at SMPC. I wanted to graduate from college, so this was a final chance. If I knew how much I would have $aved by studying at WSU I think I might have straightened up sooner.
There are way too many stories to tell, but my first few months there I almost got kicked out for instigating the famous scavenger hunt which included on the list (a dead cat, Taiwanese student, road signs, Pizza Hut Menu, etc.) Suzanne sat me down to give me a scare that next Monday! I would like to know who the butt head was that swerved into a yard to "try" to run a cat over and what team was it that showed up with one in a trash sack? Ewwwww! I think we met to add up the points at "Dead Man's Bridge".
Second year would have been throwing a live snake in Winston Bowen's room and watching him almost jump out of the second story window! I did not know big, bad football players were scared of a 12" snake! Jeese-o-pete. Or the time we pulled into a grave yard while he was passed out and shook the car to wake him. Once he found out where he was he screamed like a little girl! Sheepshead Bay boys are not very tough!
Third year... pretty tame except for the "Are You Ready to Rumble" fight night in my apartment across the highway a week before graduation. I looked really cool with a black eye for graduation. It matched my robe!
But I will always remember the nights (or maybe not) at Duffy's with a red beer in a Ball jar and the HUGE jock strap on the ceiling as you walked in!

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Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 11:32 PM
This must have been how I looked leaving Duffy's or Fizz or Rumors or the truck stop... OK, you get the picture!
Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 11:32 PM
My son.