2018 SMP Reunion Survey

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1)   The date for the 2018 All School Reunion was:

  Too Early
  Would Prefer
2)   The Change in venue from the K of C Hall to the Hoover Pavilion was:

  A Good Move
  Go back to the K of C
  Would Prefer
3)   The food was:

  Great! Good Variety
  Too Spicy/Bland
  Would Prefer
4)   The addition of the water park was:

  What the hell were you thinking?
  A welcome change
  Would Prefer
5)   The addition of the Stonewall's private party was:

  Entertainment not important to me
  Would Prefer
6)   The cost of the reunion was:

  A good deal
7)   On-Line Registration was:

  Somewhat confusing
  Prefer Paper
8)   You can add in this box any comments you may have to further clarify your answers to the 7 questions above, or any other comments in general.Please be sure you have written all your comments because you can only take the survey one time.

9)   In 2021, I would like to see: