SMP Alumni Future? Survey

The Survey

Whether you attended the reunion or not, it is important to please take a couple of minutes to complete the semi-short and somewhat sweet questionnaire as your collective answers will determine the course the alumni association takes in the years ahead. There is a comment box at the end to expand on your answers and add any additional thoughts or wishes.

In 2022, St. Mary of the Plains High School will have been closed for 53 years and the College for 30. As our alumni base continues to age, the Alumni Association board members felt it was time to assess what you as an alumnus, friend, staff member or instructor think the Association's future direction should be. Thank You in advance for your time and opinions. We will share with you the gathered information once its compiled.

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1)   I attended

  High School
  I was a faculty member
2)   We currently gather every three years for an "All School" reunion, usually the second week in June. Would you prefer to:

  Keep the second week of June
  Meet in early spring (April/May)
  Meet in late summer (July/August)
  Meet in early fall (September-October)
3)   Currently yearly dues are $25. Would you prefer it should be:

  Remain the same
  Be reduced to $10
  No dues at all
4)   Usually reunion fees run $100 per person and includes dues, registration, and all meals. Going forward, would you:

  Continue with the all-inclusive fee adjusted for inflation
  Pay as you go for meals or activities
5)   What activities would you like to see included during the 2024 reunion? List them in the comment box. Friday Social, Saturday Luncheon, Saturday Banquet, Golf, Softball, Cards,Tours, More Free Time, Saturday Mass option, Other

6)   Would you be interested in serving on the REUNION Committee? Please answer yes or no. If yes, please give your name and phone number in the comment box.

7)   Would you consider serving as a BOARD member? Please answer yes or no. If yes, plese give your name and phone number in the comment box. (This is different then the reunion committee above.)

8)   Are you registered on the SMP website?

Yes No
9)   If you are not registered on our website, why not:

  Too hard to navigate
  Layout/Design too busy
  Not a website fan
  Too much scrolling required
10)   Do you check the website on a regular basis?

Yes No
11)   What sections do you visit most often?

  All pages
  In Memoriam
  Classmate Profiles
  The President's Message
12)   Does the President's Message have merit? Please answer yes or no and comments are optional.

13)   Are you a SMP Facebook friend?

Yes No
14)   Do you get most of your SMP alumni news/information from our website?

Yes No
15)   How often do you check our website?

  A couple of times a year
  Whenever I get a mass email
16)   What is your preferred method of receiving upcoming SMPAA events and news?

  Mass Email
  Snail Mail
17)   I think the Alumni Association should close as it has outlived its purpose. Plesse answer yes or no and add a comment as to why or why not.

18)   Please comment on any of the questions or clarify any of your answers in the comment box. Or tell us anything that is on your mind on how we can improve our reunions. Results of this survey will be posted after a sufficient amount of time for alumni to participate.Your name is optional.